Below are some of my constantly changing side projects and interests.

T-shirt Design

For the past five years, I've done volunteer graphic design work designing t-shirts, posters, and other swag for student groups I've been a part of, including MIT's Society of Women Engineers, MIT's Swimming & Diving team, and MIT's Class of 2015. 


My experiences at MIT have given me the opportunity to travel to some incredible places. I have researched water desalination plants in India. I helped host a seminar on active learning at Effat University, the only technical school for women in Saudi Arabia. I lived in The Netherlands for a summer, interning at a product design firm. I tested a device to collect oil palm fruits on Sime Darby plantations in Malaysia. 

While these trips were primarily for academic purposes, I made a point to discover as much of the culture as possible each time. In The Netherlands, one of my goals was to visit to a different city each week. I did that, traveling all over The Netherlands while also visiting Vienna, Paris, Bruges, and Dublin.


Using the photography skills I gained working as a 2.009 TA, I took photos of former teammates at MIT Varsity Swimming & Diving conference championships in 2016. There, I wanted to focus more on the experiences swimmers had with teammates before and after their races because those were the most memorable part of my conference meets in undergrad. 

Furniture Design

In Fall 2015, I designed and built this coffee table using maple, mahogany, and purpleheart. 


I 3D printed custom cookie cutters to make these cookies. The beaver cookies are for the MIT Varsity Swimming & Diving team to celebrate their conference championship. The koala cookies are for Team Koala, a team of freshmen toy designers I instructed one semester. Cookies are great for team meetings because sugar stimulates creativity.